The controversy of rape and the recent US elections

Back at the beginning of October, I wrote a blog post about one of the themes in my book – the rather controversial subject of female on male rape.

Since then I’ve noticed the topic cropping up quite a bit around the internet. It appears that out there in the world there are still people who believe that a man cannot get raped by a woman and if he is, he should ‘lie back and enjoy it’.  I really feel for men who come up against this sort of stereo typing. There is no doubt that the major consensus is geared towards sympathy for women being raped, generally by males, and that men seem to feature a distant second best when it comes to being understood about the trials they themselves have faced as a result of being raped. It doesn’t really matter whether it was by a man or a woman.

The recent furore during the recent US elections, when two Republican delegates made comments about rape, one saying that ‘even when rape begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen’, the other talking about ‘legitimate rape’ sparked off a debate that lost them the votes to the US Senate.  Quite rightly. But it shows that the subject of rape, and its results, such as pregnancy and perhaps subsequent abortion, still has the power to ignite fires and spark off fierce debate and influence people’s thinking.

There is obviously still a lot of education to be done out in the world about this subject. If this is still the views of so called ‘intelligent men’ towards female rape, imagine what might be being said about female on male rape. Surely this will be even more misunderstood and biased than the common ‘male on female’ subject.

Indeed, here in English and Welsh law, male rape as such was only recognised in 1994 which is a scant eighteen years ago in the big picture of things.

So to all those organisations out there that are fighting to educate and champion the cause for all the unfortunate men out in the world who perhaps don’t have a voice, please continue the good work on their behalf. And to all the men out there who have been victims, please keep telling the world about your experiences so that redress can be made.

Below are some links to survivor experiences and organisations who are trying to put the balance right.



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